The Architecture Of Space

deborah harris Gallery Image Terrain, deborah harris


How do we make a space where art can be seen?

Each piece of art is unique, depicting a particular quality, gesture, colour palette, theme of inquiry or object of attention. The placement of an art work within a space determines how the viewer will approach it, coming upon it from a distance or happening on it up close. The space surrounding may echo something expressed in the art, it may amplify a sense of depth and perspective. A painting may require the protection of a corner, or an expanse of emptiness. It may want the companionship of like-minded others, different artists who have touched upon a similar expression or view.  What is the relationship between the objects and/or other art pieces that occupy the space?  Their relationship will determine how they are seen. The space gives breath and movement to those relationships.

A seed of inquiry can be planted within a clear open space, contemplated and articulated into simple forms. Those forms can be observed and documented by the artist. The intention of the space makes this possible.

Much of the work exhibited in the gallery has been created as a response to a particular inquiry initiated and given form within the space. We believe this makes it possible for the viewer to enter the experience of what the artist was seeing.

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