Adrian Symonds



From 2014:

In the late ‘90’s I sculpted wooden body prayers in an attempt to experience the attributes of the Divine. The body prayers were based on the invocational postures as described in the work of E. J. Gold.

In 2000, I moved to the northwest coast of Canada and discovered a veritable treasure trove of driftwood. I abandoned my chisels, bought a chainsaw, and started pulling logs off the beach. My interest in Tibetan meditation found me carving Buddhist Seed Syllables from the mantra Oh-Ah-Hung and Om Mani Padme Hum. The three sculptures below are, from foreground to background, OM-Ah and Hung.

Since 1993, I have focused upon the art of body movement. I love doing push hands, the martial aspect of tai chi. It’s a great mechanism to explore balance, power, sensitivity and to experience the diverse variety of subtle intents that working with a partner can offer. It’s sort of like a mixture of personality psychotherapy reflected in movement and ballroom dancing… with the intention of knocking your partner flat on their back… with a smile of course. 

Contributing Artist in These Exhibits