Chris Langstroth



Chris Langstroth is a Toronto-based artist who works primarily in acrylics.

‘From a distance, Chris Langstroth’s works are stunning abstract paintings, but look closer and you’ll see distinct human shapes. By using thick paint and knives to apply multiple wet layers or dig through existing layers, he leaves evidence of his process in the finished product’.
by Alison Malone. “WHERE” magazine, 2007.

Preview magazine, November 2008 issue:
“This year, I have been concentrating, increasingly, on ways of representing the human figure (in whole or part).

I enjoy the physicality of thick paint and use knives to smear on one wet layer over another or to excavate through existing layers. Although I strive for a certain ‘visual plausibility’ in my work, representational accuracy is not my prime objective.

The most enigmatic and interesting qualities particular to painting, have to do with the transformation of pigment in paste to an image on canvas. I am, therefore seeking to retain some visual evidence of the process used in making the image as a subtext for reading or interpreting it.

In each painting, I’m searching for the most compelling combination of imagery and abstract paint quality,” says Chris Langstroth.

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