Lenka Holubec



Born in the Czech Republic, Lenka Holubec studied at the Film and Video Department of York University in Toronto. She worked as an independent filmmaker developing feature and documentary projects. Still photography always held a strong appeal to her as a tool of powerful visual expression so she has increasingly devoted herself to this field.

A strong bond with nature inspires and nourishes her photography work to a great extent. This relationship has become even stronger after her arrival to Canada, thirty years ago, when she traveled along the Great Lakes for the first time. The lakes’ powerful magic touched her deeply. It was a feeling of being at home at the place where she has never been before.

Photographing the various elements of nature remains a very intense and revealing experience to her as it involves a process of achieving a unity and harmony between the surrounding environment and oneself. The images then echo her pursuit to capture and preserve the meaning of what she sees and experiences. Perhaps traces of this meaning can be found embedded in the details of rocks, the world of reflections, water images, landscapes or still life.


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