Vivian Felsen



Vivian Felsen has been exhibiting her paintings for over 30 years. During that time she has participated in numerous group shows and juried exhibitions including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, the Ontario Society of Artists, and the Society of Canadian Artists. Her work has been shown in private and public galleries, including the Palacio das Artes, Belo Horizonte, Brasil, and since 2007 at the Gallery Arcturus.

Vivian has taught drawing and painting through the Toronto Board of Education (Adult and Continuing Education), and for many years at Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design. 

 About the Artists’ Workshops at Gallery Arcturus:

"The gallery for me is a magical space – calm and peaceful yet charged with energy and excitement. Unusual objects, mysterious collages and exotic music all serve to heighten the senses and stir the imagination, as does the presence of other artists and what they produce. Although none of the participating artists the same way, or sees the same way, and despite the fact that we are each totally absorbed in our own work, I am somehow influenced by others. The painting on my canvas is unlike any I have done before. Strange, satisfying, unexpected. Magic!"


Some images at Art Dialogue here

A book created for the exhibit Stories from the Ancestors available here at Blurb

Contributing Artist in These Exhibits

a tension of colour - alchemical meetings
Sat June 12, 2010 to Sat July 17, 2010

betwixt and between - an exploration of boundaries and lines of sight
Wed February 3, 2010 to Sat March 20, 2010

SENTINELS in a field of attention... standing
Wed July 1, 2009 to Sat October 3, 2009

For the Birds
Tue February 3, 2009 to Sat April 4, 2009

dead reckoning
Mon July 7, 2008 to Tue October 7, 2008

Form Space Perspective
Mon October 1, 2007 to Sat November 17, 2007

inclined planes
Sat May 12, 2012 to Sat June 23, 2012

t h r o u g h and t h r o u g h
Sat December 1, 2012 to Sat January 26, 2013

t h r o u g h and t h r o u g h Part Two
Tue February 5, 2013 to Sat March 30, 2013

Tue July 2, 2013 to Sat October 19, 2013

shades of black and white
Sat September 17, 2016 to Sat December 10, 2016

Stories from the Ancestors
Sat May 2, 2015 to Sat June 13, 2015

Sat May 7, 2016 to Sat June 18, 2016

In Memory of Spring
Tue February 20, 2018 to Thu April 12, 2018