Gisèle Boulianne



Born in Jonquiere, Quebec, Gisele Boulianne currently lives near Quebec City. Gisele has taught painting for twenty years. In order to deepen her knowledge and explore new career paths, she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Laval University in Quebec City and received the second prize of the public during the exhibition of graduation. Her contemporary, colorful and expressive style reflects the intensity of urban life. Gisele's work uses photography, painting, collage, and painting to create a dynamic composition of lines and forms of energy of the 21st century. Determined and bold gestures that traverse the canvas, she depicts an act of theater not far from the dream world. In 2005, Gisele received an honorable mention award from the jury at the Montreal International Festival of Arts. In 2008, the International Festival of Plastic Arts of Monastir in Tunisia awarded Gisele the first Excellence Award from the Governor of Tunisia. Most recently, she participated in the National Salon of Fine Arts at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris. A professional member of RAAV, Consolidation of visual artists from Quebec, Gisele Boulianne is listed in various collections of Quebec Transport Commission of Quebec, Emco Building Products, Alcoa, Toyota and others. She is also represented in several art galleries in Quebec, including Emeraude (Montreal), Crescent Hill (Mississauga), Gallery C2 (Trois-Rivieres), C. Genest (Cap-Sante). Gisele has also participated in national and international exhibitions in Toronto, New York, Puerto Rico, Portland (Oregon), Monastir (Tunisia), Montreux (Swisserland), Paris...

Artist Statement

I think, I memorize and I structure compositions that proposes a link to time and space. Deep into the act of painting, I free my inner pulsions on the canvas and I create a gesture that paints rythm and make the scenes vibrate under color. I then add calligraphy to the artwork that shares my deepest intimate reflexions.        

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