About the Gallery

Entering the gallery there is a sense of entering a sanctuary for seeing, a space to be explored and contemplated. The works exhibited are placed intentionally and in relationship to each other so that the individual works, while significant in themselves, also help to shape a larger experience. The writing on the walls suggest a context or question through which to view the work.

The Genesis Gallery is in the first two rooms on the main floor just inside the entrance. The works here are created on site by artists who agree to participate in an inquiry proposed by Artist-in-Residence deborah harris. Continuing from here is the Up North Gallery featuring landscape painting and Inuit sculpture. This space leads the viewer into the back hall and up the stairs to the Collage Gallery and The Library Gallery, both on the second floor. In the Ascending Gallery works from the permanent collection are displayed in the stairwell to the fourth floor landing.

Each of the five galleries invites quiet, unrushed observation. The Library Gallery also makes available a collection of art books for visitors to sit and view.

To see an update of what is currently showing in the five galleries, please see Events.

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