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  • My Sculptural Expression - Susumu Koshimizu

    My Sculptural Expression - Susumu Koshimizu

    Susumu Koshimizu is a Japanese artist known for making sculptures that expose the surface quality of different materials. He is considered a key member of the Mono-ha movement (‘School of Things’), which reacted against the embrace of technology and visual trickery in mid-1960s Japanese art.

    The Mono-ha artists sought to understand ‘the world as it is’ by exploring the essential properties of materials, often combining organic and industrial objects and processes. 
    'From Surface to Surface'  currently on display at Tate Modern

  • Norman McLaren animation from 1958 titled ‘Le Merle’

    Norman McLaren animation from 1958 titled ‘Le Merle’

    "This is a film about a (white) blackbird who loses body parts and gets them back three fold. This bird with three of everything dances to the old folk song. What is amazing about the film is that one only sees essentials – highly stylized and disconnected bits – the body parts are small paper rectangles, the eyes little paper circles."

  • "I was rising up, Hitting the ground..." Lhasa de Sela

    A beautiful, hand-drawn video for Lhasa's song "Rising" which was created by Alex McLean and Kathleen Weldon, two Montreal illustrators. "Rising" was on Lhasa's final album titled "Lhasa" released in 2009.

  • 'au revoir'

    'au revoir'

    Music video by Leonard Cohen performing "Traveling Light".


  • Two Men Talk Art

    Two Men Talk Art

    Artist Robert Rauschenberg shares, with interviewer Charlie Rose, that when he is making art
    he is the least self-conscious.

    This is an excerpt from a longer interview that was first broadcast in 1998.

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