Found Art

  • Found Objects

    Found Objects

    In this short film, Australian artist Geoff Harvey shares some of his sculptures and assemblages made from found objects.

  • George’s Boots

    George’s Boots

    A video produced by Farmrun an agrarian creative studio based in central Vermont.

    "George Ziermann has been making custom measured, hand made shoes for 40 years. He's looking to get out, but can't find anyone to get in."


  • Self Portraits

    Self Portraits

    'Self Portraits', found on Philip Scott Johnson's YouTube channel which contains many striking digital art videos.

    This morph animation video made in 2008 covers 500 years of male self-portraits including Rembrandt, Picasso and Warhol. It's quite a visual trip!


  • How to Cope with Death

    How to Cope with Death

    A short film written, directed and animated by Ignacio Ferreras and produced by Tandem Films in 2002.

    An elderly woman and the Grim Reaper have an encounter which does not unfold in the way you might expect.

  • Johnny Cash on the Gospel

    Johnny Cash on the Gospel


    " I just hope and pray I can die with my boots on."
                                                               -- J. Cash

    This Found Art episode comes from an animated interview from the Blank on Blank YouTube Channel.  
    The Channel contains a wide variety of PBS commissioned animated videos created to accompany vintage interviews.

    This one comes from Barney Hoskyns interviewing Johnny Cash.

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